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"The Farmhand" is a period piece short film that takes place in 1927 after Grayson Livingston, hired by a bootlegging kingpin to murder Sheriff Henry Lloyd, is the center of a tragic mistake. Filmed at Black Grove Farms in Newberry, South Carolina

Michelle Elise Harding (Co-Director, Director of Photography, Executive Producer, Film Editor): Michelle Elise Harding is an award-winning cinematographer, film editor, producer, and director. Born and raised in New Jersey, Harding fell in love with the film and television industries at an early age. She has an array of work, spanning from narrative filmmaking, performance videos, music videos, commercials, live sports and live broadcasting/television.

Shari Harding & Michelle Elise Harding - Directors at Mesh FilmsShari Harding (Co-Director, Writer, Executive Producer): As a seasoned educator in New Jersey, Shari Harding’s aspirations for screenwriting hadn’t come to fruition until she moved to South Carolina in 2016. Her love for film, art and theater has always been with her. She plans on continuing her love of writing dramas and romance for the screen.